Recently unearthed medieval manuscripts describing specific combinations of formants, harmonics of a note augmented by resonance, called Staccatta /stəˈkäda/ were thought to be capable of opening gateways for otherworldy entities, described as demonic in the manuscripts but possibly beings from other worlds or dimensions, to cross over into our realm of existence.

Unfortunately the instruments of the day were incapable of producing the combination of frequencies with the precision required to fully take advantage of the theoretical capabilities of Staccatta, and were therefore unable to open channels of communication, until now.

The actual mechanics that enable these entities, of which there are several different kinds, to manifest themselves on our plane of existence remains unclear, but the staccatta required to evoke these manifestations will be the foundation of a collection of musical works currently in production.

Initial experiments with Staccatta have produced profound results. We're not talking about communicating with "Satan's Fallen Angels", demons capable of perfectly impersonating the dead, we're going well beyond superstition.

Stay Curious.

Verdant Set.